Thursday, August 14, 2014

Update on the Backyard Aquaponic system build 12th Aug 2014

Time for a bit of a look at where we're up to on the Aquaponic build.. This first clip was posted 20th July & covers a change in the plumbing that should make the system run a lot smoother..      


Since then not a lot of progress has been made on the build itself until last weekend, early this week when the filters & sump were fitted out then connected together..


I do like the slower pace of this build as it has given me time to consider other options..

Have also made a few clips on small parts of the build that might give folks a few helpful ideas..
The first is on using thin walled PVC pipe with Uniseals.. Due to the thin wall of the pipe it can be very difficult to use..


The second is just showing a few different ways to make up the drain fittings used in the base of tanks & filters..


Hope you like that quick round up of the system build & it gives folks a few ideas that may be helpful.. Should have enough time this weekend to glue it all together & give it a bit of a trial run if all goes well..

Cheers folks &  have a great one..