Venturi For Aeration

25mm Venturi
Venturis are an efficient way to deliver air to your fish tank. They also do a great job of delivering O2 to and agitating the bio media in moving bed bio-filters.
While these may be more expensive than some units for sale online, I have found them to be far superior in doing the job after testing some the venturis made for liquid "injection".
This venturi runs really well with a flow rate of over 4000lph/1056gph from my experience.

25mm/1" Venturi

$35.00 + postage and handling

No discount offered on Venturi sales sorry 

Connecting these venturis is easy by using small sections of hose and hose clamps. It's a good idea to use 316 stainless clamps where they will be used in water to prevent corrosion.

Have also played around with a few different DIY home made venturis and found them effective if you're interested in having a crack at one of them first.

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  1. Hey Bob, hooked up the venturi I picked up last week and it's working a treat. Thanks

    Danny Day

    1. Nice one Danny. Shall have to pop by & suss it out ;)
      Cheers mate.