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All prices below are for Customers that order directly from me and are listed in $AU.
Please see below if you are ordering from the USA.

Further information for folks ordering from Rob at bottom of the page.

**Uniseal Discount Guide**
1 - 10 Units – List Price
11 - 49 Units – 10% Off List Price
50+ Units – 20% Off List Price 


which makes us some of the cheapest uniseals available in Australia.  

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Installing Uniseals

Step 1.. Using a hole saw, cut a hole to the correct size
for the Uniseal® you are installing.

 (Pipe to Uniseal Sizing Guide in Price List below).
Make sure that the hole is a clean cut as irregularities
could result in poor seating and leakage. Ridges
and burrs must be removed from hole saw cut.

Step 2.. Place the Uniseal® into the hole with the wide
side facing the direction the pipe is going to be
inserted (see diagram below).

Step 3.. Chamfer/bevel the edge of the pipe to 15ยบ min.
Ensure that there are no sharp points to cut the
Uniseal® fitting.

Step 4.. Wet and apply liquid detergent to the end of pipe
to be inserted into the tank. Then drive the pipe
through the Uniseal® from it’s wide side. (It may
be necessary to use a mallet anddolly). The
detergent will be squeezed out  as the pipe passes
through the Uniseal®. The coefficient of friction
of the rubber holds the pipe tightly in place.

DO NOT use silicone, grease or Vaseline, as anything with a
slippery or greasy base will cause the marriage between the
pipe and the Alcryn in the Uniseal® to fail under pressure.

Wall Thickness 

Uniseals will work in tanks and containers with wall thickness of up to 9mm/¾".

Made up a quick clip on a few useful ways to work with thin walled storm water and drain pipe that may help a few folks out.


Useful tips on enlarging holes to take Uniseals

Orders and Payments...
Better payment options are coming soon.  Am still a bit of an newbie at all this ;)
PLEASE NOTE, No GST is charged on orders at this time.

For now all orders and enquiries can be emailed to rb@bitsouttheback.net  

All prices on this page are listed in $AU.

PayPal and Credit Cards
If you want to pay via PayPal, Visa or MasterCard  
a Paypal invoice can be generated and sent out to your nominated Email account.
Please note... 
You don't need a PayPal account to pay via Credit Cards.
Direct Deposit
Direct deposit can be made to 
Heritage Bank 
AC Name: Rob G, Bits Out the Back 
BSB 638-260 AC# 9019774

Please note... 
Direct deposit can take a few days for the funds to clear. If you can send me through a copy of the notification email or screen capture of the transaction I can post your 
goods off sooner.

Postage and Handling

All goods will be sent via Australia post unless otherwise arranged.

Pre Paid Australia Post satchels are used to keep cost down where possible.  

Root Pouch orders need to be calculated on an order by order basis due to their bulky size. This is done to keep the postage rates as low as possible for all customers.

Express Post Rates

$10.85 up to 500g  
(355 x 220mm Satchel)

$15.65 up to 3kg
(405 x 310mm Satchel)

$24.80 up to 5kg
(510 x 435mm Satchel)

Parcel Post Rates

$8.50 up to 500g
(355 x 220mm Satchel)

$13.80 up to 3kg
(405 x 310mm Satchel)

$17.60 up to 5kg
(510 x 435mm Satchel)

Email enquiries can be made to rb@bitsouttheback.net

Many thanks,


PLEASE NOTE:   Prices may change without notice.

Rob Gray

ABN 94 753 294 205


  1. Is it possible to reuse a uniseal? Or are they a one-time-use solution?

    1. Hey there..
      You can definitely use them more than once if you change your mind or the system evolves & you need to use them elsewhere.. I'm using a few that were used in a 3+ year old aquaponic set up I bought & haven't had any problems yet..
      Hope that helps some,
      Rob :)

  2. brilliant best video on the net to date

  3. at beginning of this article i read there would be uniseal sizing chart below.now i am belowafter watching your great installation vid.do not see chart .can you tell me where to look?

    1. Hi Willy.
      Just added it in, sorry about that mate. For some reason it disappeared last time I edited the page.
      Is back now & you can find the pipe sizing on the right hand side of the price list for the uniseals I stock.
      Cheers mate.

  4. Hello Rob.
    Is there a maximum wall thickness above which you can't use the Uni seals? I have quite thick walls on my tanks.

    1. Hi Alex.
      The Uniseals are good in tanks with walls up to 9mm thick so will work well in most commonly used tanks & barrels for backyard applications.๐Ÿ‘
      Cheers mate.