Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gift of Seeds !!!!

Yesterday I got a little package From a fellow Aussie You Tube gardener & was blown away by by what it contained...
All the seeds are from Diggers...
Tommytoe Red
Powers Heirloom 30th Anniversary
Brandywine Pink
Wapsipinicon Peach
Yellow Pear
Broad Ripple Yellow Currant
Black Russian
The other seeds we received were,
Hunter Valley White Onion
Heirloom Carrot mix...
Also in the package was a "Baby Vegetable Collection" which includes,
Beetroot, Mini Gourmet
Carrots, Mini Round
Cauliflower, Mini
Cucumber, Mini White
Rockmelon,  Minnesota Midget
Corn, Baby Pop    (This was a big surprise as we were just talking about buying some Pop Corn seeds on Monday...)
She has put a lot of effort into this & has even used some little envelopes that she has made up herself when splitting the seeds up... The packets include all the info needed to plant out & must of taken quite a while to do... I am so greatful...Have got a few already picked out to go in this weekend but will need to get a few more wicking barrels ready for others...
***Does a big HAPPY DANCE**
 Thanks so much Watsamadoing.... Your small measly package is on the way & hope they grow well for you...
Her Spring Preparation 2011 Video for your enjoyment...
She lives in South Australia & has a great Channel featuring Gardening,  Hoop/Hot house & Chooks...

Sowing the seeds...
Got busy in the patch owing some seeds in trays & a couple of rows of Carrots to fill some gaps left by the last lot of seed tap that didn't germinate...

 Seeds planted into punnets were,
Zucchini, Lebanese (Mr Fothergill's) x 4
Rockmelon, Hales Best (Mr Fothergill's) x4
Water Melon, Sugar Baby (Mr Fothergill's) x4
Eggplant, Rosa Bianca (Select Organic) x 6
Eggplant, Udumalapet (Eden Seeds) x 6
Eggplant, Large White (Saved seed from Market purchased fruit) x 6
Cumin,  (Eden Seeds) x 6
Capsicum (Bell pepper), Perennial (Eden Seeds) x 6

 Sown/planted into the ground,
Carrot, Nantes 2 (Johnsons Seeds) x HEAPS
Cucumber Marketmore (Eden Seeds) x 2
Cucumber Muncher Burpless (Eden Seeds) x 2
Pumpkin, Kent (green Harvest & Saved seeds) x 2
Turmeric (saved rhizomes) x 2
Galangal (saved rhizomes) x 2
Ginger (saved rhizomes) x 2
Sunflower, Sunbird (Green Harvest) x 12

Have made a bit of headway on the Aquaponic system...The sump has been dug in & the plastic has been painted... The Tin that was riveted to the cage has had the sharp edges covered with pipe to keep the resident OHS inspector happy..
; )»
Looks like I may get to plumb up the grow bed by the end of the weekend... Might even get some gravel & water into the system... Hoping  the Yabbies will be moving in sometime next week...
I hope...
Will be running the system with just the sump & grow bed for a week or so until the fish tank is made up in a few weeks time...
 The Barrel system has stalled on the nutriment side as I just don't think the Yabbies Poop enough  to keep the nutriment load up for the bacteria to process... Have been supplementing the system with water that had been removed due to the high Ammonia & Nitrites in the hope of keeping the bacteria going until the Yabbies get moved & some other Fish can be put in there...


Have a great one all...
: )»


  1. Oh I love receiving seeds in the mail...but your list of goodies are lucky thing, you are going to have a good range of veg soon.

    On my mind....Community Gardens & Freecycle.

  2. Thanks nellymary.... Just catching up on missed mail...