Sunday, August 12, 2012

Walk about the back...

Just a quick walk around clip to show where we are up to...
 Will be spending the week planing the start of the spring patch lay out & setting up some new beds...
What Spring plans do you have ??
Have a great one...
: )»


  1. Definately plant lots more corn, cannot compare it with shop bought corn...need loads more tumeric and ginger and tomatoes and winter/spring potatoes look very promising. Going to try peanuts and put in lots more fruit trees...(hard to think this far ahead when it is so cold outside!!)

    1. Ha ha ha... I know what you mean... Sill have 3 lots of castings to sift through but it is a tad chilly on the fingers..
      Sounds like you have it sorted.. Would like to try corn again here but space is an issue at the moment..
      Made a list up of seeds I am going to sow in the coming weeks & might even try to sow some this week..
      Have a great one Penny..