Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to plant broccoli & other brassicas..

Was blown away by how well the broccoli & cauliflower did last year after trying this simple technique.. I came across this method of planting out brassicas last year & was very pleased with the results.. The plants that were planted in loose soil only did fair to average so decided to plant them all into firm soil this season.. 

Updates on how the plants all go will be included in the Autumn & Winter walk around clips..

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Have a great one All...

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  1. Hi there, I planted out my brassica seedlings this year using this method. Great results so far. Huge broccoli heads, still waiting for the cauli's and cabbage. Thanks for the great tips. Love your site.


  2. We have our second lot starting to head up & have noticed the plants in the lose hay bale beds bolting already.. Think it has helped prove to me that the firm soil method works well..
    Thanks Sharon & have a great one..

  3. What do hyou mean by firm soil......

  4. what do you mean by firm soil

    1. Hi There..
      By firm soil I mean firming down the soil so it is slightly compacted as was shown in the clip above..
      Hope that helps some..