Sunday, July 3, 2016

Front yard, Backyard & aquaponic Winter Update 2016

Hi folks. Had a few people on Patreon ask for more update clips on the yard so here you go. 👍😊

This one is an overview on how the patch and aquaponics is going now we’re almost in the middle of winter here in subtropical SE Queensland Australia.

I think doing these video updates will help to keep me focused on the larger picture so am looking forward to getting back into them. Will be keeping future update clips a bit shorter but wanted to give an over view to kick things off.

New Duds and pH meter

Received a beauty of a pH meter from Bluelab and an AWESOME "Aquaponic, Grow Different" T Shirt from Root and Ramble and thought I'd give you folks a bit of a look.   

As you may have noticed I normally only wear plain shirts but will happily wear this "Aquaponics, Grow Different" shirt around town, as I'm sure it will start a few conversations about aquaponics and backyard farming. 👍 

Just a quick heads up, Root and Ramble were kind enough to offer a 15% discount code to our YouTube and social media audience which will be valid until August 1st 2016.  It's not just on this T but on all goods.   Discount code  GROWBOSS15   You'll need to enter promo code at the checkout. 👍
Hope all your gardens are booming along and I'll catch you later.
Cheers all.