Sunday, December 11, 2016

Was asked last week by a fellow YouTube gardening friend Stephen from the Alberta Urban Garden YouTube channel if I could do a clip showing the perennial  plants we have on the go here in our small backyard farm. At first I didn't think we had that many but once I took pen to paper it turns out we really do have quite a number growing around the patch here as you'll see in the clip bellow. 

Here's a few more perennial plants we have on the go that didn't make it into the clip,
Kang Kong AKA Water Spinach
Duck Potatoes AKA Arrowhead
Red vein Sorrel
Strawberry Guava
Welsh Onions
Pigeon Pea
Black Pepper Vine
Aloe Vera 
+ I'm sure I've missed a few more. 😉

Would love to know what your favourite perennial food plants are that you're growing or would like to grow in the comment section below. 
Hope you enjoyed the clip & your garden is booming.
Cheers all,

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