Sunday, May 5, 2013

A couple of updates on the patch...

Backyard Aquaponic update, more plans & jobbies. 29th April 2013
Not much happening with the aquaponics of late other than plants growing & fish swimming.. The radial flow filter is yet to be included into the main feed line to the grow beds.. It needs a few minor alterations so it can be cleaned out more effectively before that can happen though..

Have been inspired to start off a small 2000L/530gal fish farm so am making plans to clear some space to include it next to the aquaponics.. Hope to make a start on that as soon as I can save up some extra coin :)

Wicking bed & Straw bale garden update.. 1st May 2013
Really love the growth the garden puts on at this time of year but with the milder weather creeping up on us I think I will be wishing it was spring soon enough.. The hay bale bed looks to be working just fine & am looking forward to planting out some spuds soon using Peter Cundall's no-dig potato method ..

Have made a proper start on the hoop house extension & hope to have all the frame up by next weekend so you should see some progress on that in the next update..

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Have a great one All...


  1. ARGH! You make me wish I hadn't decided to let most of my garden lie fallow over winter!!!
    I'm making up quite a few wicking boxes for my herbs though. After all, can't do NOTHING all winter, can I? What do you add to the salads with the kholrabi? I'm thinking of trying it in my main beds next season. It'd be a snap to chop it up in the thermie and how easy for quick lunches!

    1. Can't you grow brassicas, beetroot & the like way down there during winter or is it too cold?
      I make a chopped salad in the thermie with the kohlrabi Frogdancer. A bit of cauliflower & broccoli.
      I like to add a yoghurt, honey, mayo & mustard dressing on it as well. Some toasted & crushed macadamia nuts round out the flavour experience nicely methinks :)
      Hope that helps..