Friday, May 3, 2013

How to make a straw bale garden bed.. Our 1st Lucerne/alfalfa hay bale bed..

Have wanted to make up some straw/hay bale garden beds for a while now & am happy I finely have..

The second bed is in the process of being planted & have also started a small no dig straw/hay bed for some potatoes to go into.. I love the idea of being able to grow in the straw as it slowly turns into compost & humus that can be added to other beds once it finishes breaking down...

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Have a great one All...


  1. Wow, great video and explanation. I might go and make one or two myself.

    1. Hope they go well for you Rowan... All the garlic are now up & the tomatoes are growing well at the moment.. Planted 2 broccoli in the second one the other day to see how they go..
      Have a great one..