Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thinning The Dragons....

Decided to to thin the Dragon carrots this morning as it is starting to look like a bamboo forest from a Jet Lee film in there.

There are enough to garnish tonight's salad but that's about it me thinks.

I am NOT a WABBIT !!! 

(Koo liked this shot)

 Got some great shots of a Sacred Kingfisher as well this morning.... I am really loving the new Camera....

That's about it Me thinks... Last nights was long enough....
Have a Great one all....
: )»


  1. Hi Rob did you know that the carrot tops are more nutritious then the carrots themselves !
    I only found this out about a 6 weeks ago from reading on www.rawfamily.com . I wish I had of know that before DP harvest our last batch of carrots ..the tops were just beautiful thick and green..I thought at the time wish you could eat them..if only I knew that then never mind..I'll know next time . you may know this already but if you didn't then like me you have learnt something knew too !Your garden looks wonderful..Wow I 'm looking forward to when our garden is as productive as yours :):)
    have a great day :)

  2. Thanks for that bit of info Sherrie... We eat heaps of other root crop leaves so it stands to reason there be know reason why we cant!!
    Thanks, You have given me the Google quest for tomorrow !!!
    As for the garden, I should of drawn it out as long as I could..... I'm having withdrawals now... Need to build more so went & got some more drums to cut down....

    Have a great one...
    : )»

  3. Hi Rob
    Me again... I noticed you have those large blue barrels that you use as pots... I picke up one a few years ago from the kerbside rubbish piick up with the intention of doing the same as you...Then i wondered what had beenm inside of it before...maybe something toxic...so its still sitting outside...Rob could you tell what originally came in them please if you know...
    Did you find lots of information about the green carrot tops ? Looking at your garden regularly inspires me to do more in my own...as we have to fully fence every thing here other wise what between the roos,rabbits,goannas,possums there would be nothing left for us to eat...Our rainwater tank raised garden beds have come to a stand still while we decide on best options we were thinking about linning them with shade cloth so the trees roots don't end up taking it over like our last atempt... Then I was thinking whats in shade cloth could it leach other dangerous chemicals into the soil...too many things to think about...no wonder I'm tired ..
    Have a great day
    Sherrie :)

  4. Hi Sherrie...
    Our barrels originally had vinegar in them we were told... When I went to wash them out yesterday 1 had purple detergent in it.... They are also used for Concentrated juice and other acidic food stuffs as well as Hydrochloric & other acids..
    I did Google the Carrot tops & found that if used sparingly they should be ok as long as you’re not allergic to carrots... Some say if you eat vast quantities you could get ill but that is the same with so many foods...
    From my experience with the invasive roots of Chinese elm & Mango trees I feel that shade cloth will not be good enough.... I have had small roots enter a wicking bed via a hole for a zip tie below ground level only to expand into a huge cluster on the other side... I really think the best barrier you could use is weed mat... You could put it about ½ a foot below ground level of the bed then up the sides a bit... The other thing you can do is cut into the soil about 2 foot deep around the outside of the bed.. This will hopefully sever any invading roots... You may need to do it a few times a year depending on what sort of trees & how close they are to the bed.... That was recommended to me by an old timer at a Permiculture show... He said it was the cheapest & fastest way to go.... He did use a ripper on a tractor though...
    I think the use of plastic in the garden is ok as long as the products are UV stabilised & not degrading in the soil... I have no problem with using builders plastic in the beds as long as I know where it came from & as it will never come into contact with direct sunlight...
    HTH & feel free to ask any questions but please note that I have only just started as well so you may want to double check if you feel unsure of any of my Information... Then you can let me know & I can fix it... ; )»

  5. Hi guys, I have been reading your blog this afternoon and am thrilled to see your setup. What a great job. I am based in Ipswich also and have today ordered some timber to begin my new raised garden beds. I am inspired by the wicking beds you have built. Do you ever run tutorials or workshops for newbies like myself? Would love some guidance in achieving better growth in this climate

    1. Hi there Miss Jan...
      I don't run workshops as such but have no problems helping folks out at all when I can.. If you are chasing any information on local suppliers, contacts or questions you can contact me at bitsouttheback@gmail.com
      I also have a few clips up on YouTube that might give you a few ideas..
      I am looking at changing the way I build in the reservoir but haven't posted any clips or blog posts on it as of yet.

      Hope that helps some..