Saturday, October 15, 2016

Aquaponic Updates. Harvesting some Fish & Cleaning the Beds

Have managed to knock off a few jobs to do with the aquaponics over the past week or so and Thought Id share them with you all. 

Harvesting the Fish 

I was asked if I could film a clip the next time I harvested some Jade perch from the aquaponics so folks could see how we do it here.  I know it can be a bit daunting for new comers to aquaponics so I hope this helps you folks out. Have added in a quick look at some meals we make with the perch at the end of the clip for those that are curious.

Hopefully we'll have some free time next weekend to separate the silver perch between the 2 tanks. Am looking forward to trying them to see how they compare to the Jade perch. 

Cleaning Out some Grow Beds

A few of the plants in the grow beds have gotten a bit unruly lately, so I decided they needed to be cut  back a bit. All didn't go to plan but am happy with the results. Also planted out some seedlings to fill in some of the gaps the clean out created. 

Was hoping to sow out a few seeds this week but that wasn't to be. Will pop in a few Asian Greens as well as a few other seedlings through the week I think. 

I hope you found how we harvest and process the fish interesting and enjoyed the look at some of the maintenance that was done. 

Feel free to share the clips if you found them helpful and you can also check out our YouTube home page for other useful Aquaponic and Backyard Farming playlists. 

Thanks for stopping by folks and I hope all your gardens are booming,


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