Sunday, October 23, 2016

Moving the Silver Perch & Genetic Abnormalities. An Aquaponics Update

Hi folks. Moved 24 of the silver perch into the old jade perch tank so they have a bit more room and decided to bring you along for a look. Found a few genetic abnormalities along the way and thought it may interest folks that also keep silver perch in their own aquaponic systems. 

You don't see abnormalities mentioned a lot but it is something you may come across when buying in fish for your system.
This "Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of the diseases of the Australian Freshwater fish Silver Perch (Bidyanus bidyanus)"  PDF download from NSW Department Of Primary Industries (DPI) may be of interest to folks that are keeping Silver Perch and want some information on disease and deformity diagnosis. 
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Hope you enjoy the look at the Silvers and your systems are all Booming. 

Cheers and all the best folks.

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