Sunday, October 30, 2016

Backyard Farm & Aquaponics Spring Tour Oct 2016 - Solarizing Pest & a Fe...

Hey folks. Took the camera for a spin around the backyard to give you a look at how the aquaponics and the rest of the backyard farm is going in our Spring here in Ipswich Australia. There are a few plants that are booming and a few that needed to be "retired" due to infestation. Had a quick look st the new Root Pouch gardens and went through a few of the changes that have been made to the patch. 
This one's a bit longer than normal due to having a fair bit to cover folks. Will take it easier on you next clip ;)

Would also like to give a huge shout out and thanks to all the folks that are supporting our channel through a small monthly contribution on our  Backyard Farm & Aquaponics Patreon page. 
Was also great chatting with a few of you today in the hangout and am looking forward to the next in a few weeks time.   

Hope you're all well and your gardens are booming,


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