Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) as aquaponic feed..

Have converted the old barrel worm farm into a black soldier fly farm over the past month or so & found our first batch of harvested larvae yesterday morning.. Was a bit concerned when the fish didn't gobble them up straight away but really didn't need to worry.. Think they just needed to acquire a taste for them..
The farm isn't going quite as planned at the moment & will post a clip once some adjustments have been made....

Have a great one all..


  1. I would like to start a black fly lavae farm for my chooks. How do I get the lavae in Qld, Australia.

    1. They occur naturally here in SE Qld & we see them flying around all the time.. We just built the farm & "seeded" it with larvae filled compost from our tumble composter.. Am actually thinking of turning the tumble composter into a full time as it works better than the blue barrel set up..
      Hope that helps some...

  2. Dear Rob or anyone else who reads this post: I am in the urgent need of a BSF parent stock for a University research project. Is anyone able and willing to send some BSF to Armidale? With the current temperatures its a bit of a challenge to attract them from the natural environment ;-).

    THANKS, Isabelle

  3. Hi Isabelle.
    Bit too cold even here at the moment for the larvae sorry. Normally see them in the compost come the end of winter/start of spring. This site might be able to help you out though as it has a marketplace page
    Hope that helps some & sorry for the slow reply.