Friday, January 18, 2013

How we grow Kang Kong/Chinese water spinach.. (Ipomoea aquatica)

Kang kong is a short vining, water loving plant that is used in many different Asian cuisines.. It is related to sweet potato & Morning glory with flowers very similar to both.. Mainly grown in boggy areas & have become a pest weed in some water systems where it has been introduced..Should be very easy to grow this plant in the heat we get here & can't wait to get our first large harvest..

 We are growing it as a leafy green to be included in salads & our fruit 'n' veg "Smoothies" as well as for stir fries & Asian curries..

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Have a great one all...



  1. Thank you for this! I've just recently been introduced to water spinach and find I like it quite a lot. It looks like this would do well in our climate, and since your soil experiment seems to have been at least a decent success, I'm going to have to give it a try in our garden! So glad to have found your site, thank you again for the great video :)

    1. Hope it grows well for you..
      I hope to be planting ours out in the near future.. Looking at popping it with the water chestnuts in a saturated bathtub.. Found the roots have taken over the aquaponic beds a bit too much...
      Thanks & have a great one..

  2. My wife bought some kang kong from an oriental supermarket and prepared it with garlic and pepper flakes. It was delicious. I live in Northern Virginia and my lot is not extremely large, so I plant my garden in various spaces where I have room. A Cambodian neighbor ordered some seeds on line and gave them to me. Then her sister went home for a visit and brought back a different variety. I soaked the seeds for 36 hours them put them in a damp paper towel inside a Ziploc bag. They began to germinate in 3 days and continued germination for 7 more days. I transplanted them into a 3 feet X 15 inch X 12 inch self watering container in which I used a mixture of potting soil, peat moss and humus and manure. It has been cool so growth has been slow. I had too many seeds so I planted some in two 24 inch X 8 inch X 6 inch containers. I still have some seeds germinating and am considering planting a row in my garden between other types of greens.

    1. Hi there.
      I found ours did very well in the little wicking bucket I had some in a few years back. They really liked the wet feet I think.
      Hope yours continue to do well for you.