Sunday, January 20, 2013

Making wood mulch for Winter crops & look at last seasons mulch

Making up some great wood based mulch from weed trees & mango prunings.. The flora & fauna that live in the soil thrive on this stuff & we are seeing lots of humus production as a result :)
We are lucky that we have a few weed trees around & some generous neighbours so can make our own to save a few dollars.. The only cost to us was the power to run the mulcher & $5 for some horse manure..

The next mulch we make up will hopefully be made using  some pigeon pea & other trees we are growing just for this purpose.. We have purchased Neem & Moringa tree to use in the mulch (as well as fro other purposes) so hope that they will bring their own qualities to future batches a year or so down the track methinks.. :)»

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