Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cheap chicken feeder, how to build a bulk chicken feeder..

Had a friend come around & we built a chook feeder each of varying sizes.. It was a really easy build only requiring the drum & the flanged elbow.. The only tools needed were a marking pen, ruler, hacksaw, & a 95mm hole saw but other methods could be used to cut out the hole.. The build itself took all of 10 minutes to make, it was that easy & cost about $20AU/US..

Will make the job of feeding the Chooks so much easier as the drum will easily take a whole 25kg/55lb bag.. Next on the jobbie list will be a black solider fly farm that will live in the chook pen..
A big thanks to Hamish121212 for posting his clip on the feeder..
I would also like to thank Adie for springing for the elbow.. Adie has a blog on her families progress in an urban environment for the Owner Builder Network site where you can see the MKI chook feeder she made before up scaling..

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Have a great one all...



  1. That was fantastic! I'd love one of these out in the chook run. It'd save so much time in the mornings!
    (Maybe Dad will help me...?)

    1. Was a real easy build Frogdancer.. Hole saw not really needed if your good with a craft/stanley knife..

  2. Hi, I looked everywhere I could think of today, to find a square container like the one you have used to no avail. :( I found a fitting that I think will work at Bunnings (no help there), could you please tell me where you found your container. Thanks :)

    1. Hi Tracey..
      The bin came from a local rural feed/produce store that stock all sorts of old drums & containers.. The small 6L container (wasn't in the clip) came from the cheesecake shop... It contained the passionfruit topping they use on the cakes & cost us 50cents.. I think that you could also use a round container if it was large enough (so you would have a relatively flat surface) but you would need to secure the pipe work in place with a screw at the top & bottom.. Hamish used a 20l square drum for his which makes a good size feeder as well but only takes around ½ a feed bag..
      Hope that helps.. Let us know if you need more..

    2. Thanks.Can I ask which produce store, as your local is my local too :)I took possession of some rescue chooks yesterday, and one of them keeps getting in the feed container and tipping it over, so todays job is to make a feeder. If I don't melt first :)

    3. Karalee pets N produce... I got the last of the bins but they will probably get more in..
      Call first just in case they haven't restocked yet..
      Let me know how you go :)

    4. Thanks heaps. Shall be on to it as soon as they get some in. Hope you're holding up in this heat. :)