Monday, January 14, 2013

Veggie garden walk through, worm barrels & saving a few Okra seeds 12th ...

Has been a tad warm here over the past week but nowhere near as bad as some of the southern states.. The garden worms chooks & fish have pulled through just fine with only one casualty (daughters pennyroyal) so happy about that..

Now the weather has cooled off a bit I will be planting out some seedlings & tackling some odd jobs to get the patch ready for Autumn.. Will be pruning the rest of the Chinese elm & some of the mango them running it through the mulcher... This will be mixed with some horse manure & left to compost a bit.. It will eventually become Autumns top up mulch for the beds...
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Have a great one All...


  1. Hi Rob
    Loved the video, especially the worms. I'm using a similar idea in my wicking worm beds, adding finely chopped organic waste to the soil between the plants and under a thick layer of mulch. Works a treat.

    1. Hi John...
      All our beds except for one are wicking beds too.. I find the worms love it in them especially the ones we have started to top with our home made tree mulch.. I used to have feeding stations in the beds for them but found the food was going mouldy as the worms were busy munching on the manures & mulch so I took them out..
      Glad you liked the clip..
      Have a great one..